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Paternity Fraud Education Tools




Paternity Fraud Education Tools

  • A paternity fraud solution
    Finally a solution that would discourage others from committing paternity tricks. There must be a consequence and there must be freedom for paternity victims. Period! We should use biotechnology to help every kid get the paternity fact on their birth documents. Truth about DNA testing, paternity law are the best interest.
  • Blood types relate to paternity
    How blood types (O, A, B, AB) relate to paternity and information about DNA Testing or DNA paternity testing
  • | Civil Rights Lawsuit Needed for Paternity Fraud
    Sample form for a Federal Lawsuit To download Printable copy in text format suit.txt 8kB UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT ________________DISTRICT OF________________ AT______________________...
  • Cuckold is Paternity Fraud Defined
    DNA paternity testing - Cuckold is defined aka marital paternity swindle - A man whose wife or girlfriend icommits paternity fraud when unfaithful and gets pregnant by the other guy. DNA paternity testing shows he is not the father.
  • DNA Paternity Test information
    Be SMART, save a life (yours), by getting your DNA paternity test done today. All alleged Dads and child(ren) deserve to know the paternal TRUTH! The paternal TRUTH can be found out using a legal DNA paternity test
  • Citizens Against Paternity Fraud Supports DNA Testing with PNA Form | as a Paternity Fraud Prevention Tool
    Paternity fraud is uncovered by DNA testing. We could prevent the problem using DNA paternity testing with a Paternity Notification Affidavit. pateand PNA? Truth is a good thing.
  • Federal Code Supports Paternity Fraud
    Every male and all mothers with sons should learn about the federal code that supports paternity deception aka paternity fraud.
  • Fighting Slavery aka Paternity Fraud
    Involuntary Servitude (Slavery) is Illegal! Title 42 United States Code, Section 1994. The holding of any person to service or labor under the system Blown as peonage is abolished and forever...
  • Georgia Paternity Fraud Code is 19-7-54 | uses DNA Paternity Testing
    Georgia General Assembly and Executive branch support the use of DNA paternity testing to exonerate those falsely accused of paternity. DNA Paternity tests reveal that men are not the fathers.
  • GA fraud statutes
    Partial list of GA fraud laws that should be useful in paternity fraud cases. Especially where the child's mother has "Unclean Hands" when invokving the power of the court to take property and liberty from a man who is not the adopted nor biological father of the child.
  • Georgia Constitution
    Georgia Constitution - Article I Article 1. Bill of Rights Section I. Rights of Persons Paragraph I. Life, liberty, and property. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by...
  • Innocence Protection Act - Truth by DNA testing
    S.486 Innocence Protection Act of 2001 (Introduced in the Senate) to free innocent people using DNA testing
  • Judicial Justice
    The Paternity Fraud Constitution "JUDICIAL JUSTICE" We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created Equal. Men are being Deprived of Equal rights under the U.S. Constitution. That...
  • Paternity Fraud victim letter to Georgia legislators
    Carnell Smith's letter to Georgia legislators to support Senate version of paternity fraud bill HB 369. DNA paternity testing reveals the truth. The truth is the best interest, period.
  • Mens Health Network discusses paternity
    Paternity Statistics from The Men’s Health Network   Who is daddy and who is not ... Paternity Fraud data
  • Paternity Fraud Data
    Paternity Fraud Victims I (Carnell Smith) am one of the thousands of paternity fraud victims discovered in April 2000/ July 2000 after two DNA paternity independent paternity tests.
  • Paternity Fraud Dictionary
    Paternity Fraud Dictionary contains some interesting terms that related to DNA, paternity testing and DNA paternity tests.
  • Paternity Fraud Fable
    The Paternity Fraud Fable (another great analogy of the problem-CAPF) from TCman in Arizona The pain and humiliation of infidelity in marriage is bad enough without having to make it worse by making...
  • Paternity Judgement
    We met Iviis and Becky Pinter at the Atlanta capitol rally for victims that learned "he is not the father" by paternity testing. If you think lying about paternity is limited to unwed cases ... ask Mr Ivis Pinter's ex-wife "who is the father of her child"?
  • Paternity Quiz
    Paternity FRAUD Quiz POP QUIZ When your hear "I'm pregnant, did the mother tell you about her other intimate relations? Are you one of the 30% paternity fraud victims in the U.S. and Australia? Do...
  • Paternity Research Proposal
    RESEARCH PROPOSAL about paternity fraud; Perhaps the Dept. of Psychology or Human Development and Family Studies Department at (name of institution ) would be...
  • Paternity words of wisdom
    WORDS OF WISDOM The courts often say "You admitted you were the father." One cannot knowingly admit to a result. One can admit to having intercourse. One cannot admit to having any first hand...
  • Duped Paternity victims Fight Back | By using Legal DNA Paternity Testing to Address Child Support
    Using law and legal DNA paternity testing to free men and teens falsely accused of paternity. Paternity Fraud victims should fight back whenever a legal DNA paternity test reveals "he is not the father" while he was accused of being the biological father.
  • Social Security Act 455 | Paternity Fraud, Paternity Testing, Paternity Statistics and Child Support
    Social Security Act 455 supports Paternity Fraud, Paternity Testing, Paternity Statistics and Child Support
  • States
    LINKS TO STATE WEB SITES "Use keyword Paternity" Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware DC,Washington Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas...
  • The Biological Father May Be Involved | Found by DNA tests
    In some cases the bio-dad is a co-conspirator and in other cases the mother never told him about the child, never told him that she was married or never told him about her boyfriend that believed she...
  • Time limits Support Paternity Fraud
    Time limits protect the secret revealed by DNA test, paternity testing and false paternity law. Article by Carnell Smith for CAPF Freedom Fighter, "The Naked Truth" ; What would happen to...
  • Truth-in paternity not needed in court
    Did you know that Courts do not require the mother to tell you that another person is the child's biological father? A simple DNA test could help you get the truth. If paternity testing revealed that you or someone -else had been duped about - their release of a monies awould believeCould you imagine being forced to pay child support to your ex-wife, ex-girlfriend...
  • United States Supreme Court against paternity fraud
    United States Supreme Court  Does the US Supreme Court case supports our position against paternity fraud? SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, 06/25/87 RIVERA v. MINNICH  1987.SCT.2906, 483...
  • US cases won against paternity fraud
    Multi-state cases where victim won paternity fraud case using DNA paternity testing.
  • SmithvsDHR
    Paul Smith discovered that he is not the father by a paternity test then had to fight the state of GA for his freedom. Smith v. Georgia Department of Human Resources, No. A97A0257 (Ct. App. Ga. May 16, 1997) The Georgia Court of Appeals opinion (May 1997). Paul Smith testified with Carnell Smith at GA Capitol that DNA tests for paternity should be used to always get the truth. Thanks to DNA more than 200 innocent people have been freed. Paternity testing should be used to protect innocent men and children.


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