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A key note from the Director of CAPF : Mothers are generally aware of her other intimate relationships then makes a conscious decision to conceal that information from the person that she accuses "you're the father of my child".


Men and Children deserve to know the Truth with a DNA paternity test, paternity testing, home paternity test or legal paternity test! 

Paternity Testing confirms honesty:

Would a man agree to pay 20-40% of gross income, if he knew in advance that the mother had other intimate relationships during the window of conception? NO, he would finally have a reason to doubt her honesty and integrity.

 Honest mothers would admit their misdeeds and seek support from their child's biological father! Both of them are responsible for the birth, care and financial support of the child.



1. In all states, write your State, US Legislators, Governors, State Attorney General, District Attorney Offices and the President of the United States (USA) and the local / national media. Get organized, get petitions signed and show your legislators mail from concerned citizens/ paternity fraud victims at public hearings to address releasing the enslaved victims and their families.

We need enforcement of the U.S. constitution, using bills like Ohio's HB242". Georgia's paternity fraud bill HB369 (signed into law May 9, 2002). The Ohio law which is based on Maryland law went into effect in late 2000 as their Governor signed it. [Update - Ohio paternity fraud laws has been upheld as a substantive right for a man to challenge and overturn paternity when DNA paternity testing proves he is not the biological father as claimed by the child's mother by the Ohio State Supreme Court.]

Click here to see the historical Georgia paternity fraud bill HB369, Act 768 OCG 19-7-54

2. Please share the news about . It is past the time for more paternity fraud victims to join us in fighting for our constitutional rights. There must be enforcement of equal rights for all when " 30% of men DNA paternity tested annually are confirmed as not the fathers". Houston, we have a problem!

3. Contact your local church, ask the Pastors, clergy and faith-based groups to get involved. We met several Pastors that are marital paternity fraud victims. The odds are likely that someone in the faith-based congregation or assemblies are paternity fraud victims, too. Start public awareness meetings in churches, libraries, meeting places, etc.

4. Demand that the child's mother complete a Paternity Notification Affidavit in all cases of child support where a male is alleged to be the biological father with automatic consequences for perjury and submitting false information. Click here to see the proposed (PNA Form) based on the current paternity affidavit completed by single moms signing up for state services.

5. Plead with every male payer of child support to get legal DNA paternity testing using a neutral, unbiased AABB certified laboratory that is NOT connected with any child support agency with a minimum paternity index of 2000 to 1, minimum of 10 genetic markers and probability of paternity of 99.95% or more.

We have men claiming that false DNA reports were altered (FRAUD) to make sure that he paid child support and was denied the right to a second independent legal DNA paternity test.

There is a problem of insufficient testing when the mother had intimate relations with a close relative of the alleged father when combined with a low power of exclusion test. There is a problem of insufficient testing when the mother had intimate relations with a close relative of the alleged father when combined with a low power of exclusion test. 

6. Click here for DNA paternity testing to obtain a legally binding test that is accurate to 99.99% or higher if you are the biological father in most cases. If you are not the biological father (excluded) the results will show a paternity index of ZERO percent.

7. You will finally get peace of mind and the entire TRUTH. The fastest DNA paternity testing results can be obtained by testing all of the parties (mom, child and alleged father(s). It is possible to get accurate paternity results for exclusions man and child where the mother is unavailable or refusing to participate in testing.

Please consider warning all males (military and civilian) in any way possible. After a three year fight all the way to the US Supreme Court and a showdown in state superior court, we're finally free! How about you?

Ladies, please don't let it happen to your son, grandson, brother, father or anyone that you care about. If the laws are not changed to protect the "hunted males" from paternity fraudulent then slavery will continue as a state supported scam.

For more information, please contact:

Carnell Smith, Pf.V - Founder
US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF) / ... an affiliate of ACFC

"If the Genes don't fit, you must acquit."

Carnell Smith Pf.V is a paternity fraud victor, DNA poster boy and avowed advocate for legislative reform to restore constitutional rights to victims and TRUTH to the family court.



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