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Perhaps the Dept. of Psychology or Human Development and Family Studies Department at (name of institution ) would be interested in doing a research project on Paternity Fraud?

The issues for research include:


  1. What causes infidelity in a "committed" relationship (marriage)?
  2. When pregnancy is discovered, what causes the women to hide the truth about the possible biological fathers from her current partner or husband?
  3. How paternity fraud affects the cuckolded man.
  4. How paternity fraud affects the child who was born of an adulterous relationship.
  5. How paternity fraud affects the child's half siblings.
  6. How paternity fraud affects the cuckolded man's biological children from another relationship, both past and future.
  7. How paternity fraud affects the children of subsequent relationships, bio and step children on the male side, and the biological mother side.
  8. How the biological mother justifies committing fraud and deceit.
  9. How the biological mother decides which man she pegs to be the "father" of her child.
  10. How the issue of paternity fraud affects the man's relationship with the child he thought was his when divorce or separation occurs.
  11. How paternity fraud helps the biological mom alienate both bio and non-biological children from the estranged male


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