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Paternity FRAUD Quiz

    When your hear "I'm pregnant, did the mother tell you about her other intimate relations?
  2. Are you one of the 30% paternity fraud victims in the U.S. and Australia?
  3. Do you have DNA proof of paternity before marriage or divorce?
  4. Did you know that your wife or girlfriend has another Intimate partner?
  5. Did you know that your state will FORCE you to pay the mother for getting pregnant with another guy's child?
  6. Does the mother know your legal name?
  7. Does the mother know your place of business or mailing address?
  8. Are you a member of the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard)?

If you answered "No or Not sure" to questions 1-7.  BONUS: You answered YES to number 8-- 

DANGER!! You are about to enter the Rob-you-Blind ZONE!!!!
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Paternity Fraud Test
Sometimes, you just want to know the truth. Stop guessing!


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