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Paying child support on another man's child after being duped... 

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Often the child's mother knows that the child(ren) are not his, but willfully conceals her other intimate relations and the "material fact" that he is NOT or may NOT be the father. This is a legal fraud.


  1. Some mothers (non-marital) make an honest mistake in picking the wrong guy. 
  2. Some mothers select the child's father based on lies and deception 
  3. Some mothers select the child's father based on his income / assets. 
  4. Some mothers select the child's father based on her "current" affections for him. 
  5. Some mothers select the child's father based on his family responsible attitude. 
  6. Other?

When a mother submits a sworn affidavit "that man is the biological father of the child" to a court in a divorce or a child support action, she may be committing perjury. She may even claim to be "doing it for the children".

A crime committed "for the children" is still a crime. Generally speaking, fraud is a crime!

If you knew there was NO reason for men to sign:

  • Do not sign final Divorce papers nor;
  • Do not sign a voluntary acknowledge paternity nor;
  • Do not legitimate a child

until the "legal DNA paternity test report" showing at least 99.99% (POP) and 100,000 to 1 (CPI) is in-hand before signing a paternity confession. To do so, rises to the level of emotional and financial suicide since many states do NOT require full disclosure of all material facts to you.

Ie. States with unpublished time limits for challenging paternity like Texas, California, Delaware, New Jersey and others have adopted the Uniform Parentage Act (UPA). Those states will blame the man for not discovering the truth during the unknown time limit.

The Uniform Parentage Act (1996, 2000 UPA) places no duty of full and truthful disclosure on the child's mother of paternity fraud. She is the only person with the facts concerning all paternity candidates during the "window of conception".


 ***PROTECT YOURSELF, you cannot afford to trust verbal claims without DNA proof. It can and will be used against you in the court of non-law, if you accept paternity and agree to pay child support without DNA testing.

stop paternity fraud, child supportWARNING: Family court is not a court of law, but is a court of equity. The family courts have decided that truth about accurate paternity is irrelevant. Short story, you better get the facts for yourself!***


If you're the victim of paternity fraud, this can be a very expensive education about honesty or the lack thereof. The child's mother can come after your cash, assets and use the court system to take $250,000.00 or more. Then you'll have a major fight to recover your losses. There are too many victims of paternity fraud already, DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM.

So, what can we do about it?

Preventing Fraud - (SEE THE PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT and DNA Paternity Testing).

    If you are a man involved in a divorce action or a child support action, always insist that mother be required to complete a PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT similar to your FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT.

  •  Then obtain a legally binding DNA paternity test with all potential fathers (simultaneously) prior to signing or admitting anything related to paternity, legitimating or visitation rights. This can be accomplished in many states using a two party legal test (alleged father and child(ren).

     A legal DNA paternity test proving 0.00% paternity is prima facie evidence that your wife or girlfriend lied (intentionally or unintentionally) about paternity. It could be absolute proof of ADULTERY, if you were married to the child's mother.

  •  If you are a mother, resist the temptation. Refuse to be part of the problem. Always name the real biological father of the child(ren). You don't need the pressure of committing a felony (fraud, perjury), and, in a day when so many medical situations have genetic roots, your child deserves to know his or her genetic ancestry. Notify all of the potential fathers of the child(ren) using a PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT and participate in the DNA paternity testing.

  • If you are an attorney on either side of a divorce action or a child support action, demand a legal DNA paternity test with all potential fathers, testing 10 or more genetic markers and a median paternity index for inclusions at 2,000 to 1. If you are the mother's attorney, protect your client. Don't let her commit fraud or perjury, advise her to complete a PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT.

  • If you are a Judge conduct a TRUTH test via a PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT, always order legal DNA paternity testing.

  • If you have been victimized seek legal advice to sue for fraud, demand a jury trial in civil court to obtain full restitution and damages. Some Child Support Enforcement applications show restitution is Mandatory when mother gets money that she is not entitled to. The Child Support Enforcement application for services contains paternity affidavits and warns mother of consequences of perjury. The CSE application states that the non-paternal man is free of all responsibility to the child(ren). YOU DESERVE TO BE REIMBURSED 100%.


    If a governmental office can see that non-paternity equals not guilty for the man, then what about your court case?

    Does common sense and justice demand your release from the child support money trap upon prima facie proof of non-paternity?

    Have you ever heard of thieves being allowed to keep the money including scam artists, bank robbers, embezzlers, extortionists, swindlers, con artists or any other type of fraud?

  • Write your State Senator, your State Representative and the Governor. Express your views for legislation that punishes all forms of child support fraud whether committed against an individual, private agency, public agency or company.

    Use Project Vote Smart - Using your ZIP+4 code, you can find out who your State representatives are in any state!

  • Ask for legislation to require legal DNA paternity testing and a mandatory PATERNITY NOTIFICATION AFFIDAVIT in all divorce and child support cases.

  • Ask for legislation to facilitate restitution in paternity and all child support fraud cases.

  • Contact your US State Congressman and US Senator to require Child Support Agency to prove accuracy of actual paternity, maintain a fraud rate of less than 0.05%, show a monthly decline in paternity fraud cases to qualify for Federal Matching Incentive payments.

  • Educate others about the nature and size of the paternity fraud problem. No male is exempt from being scammed. Some of the victims to date are Attorneys, Clergyman and U.S. Military men and others.

  • Do NOT let this happen to your son, grandson, friends or other family members. Tell Everyone and send this story! **Just in case you're wondering - child support payments of $330 per month over 18 years @ 12% will exceed a quarter of a MILLION dollars. Now imagine getting scammed for that much cash and your state helping the perpetrator take even more of your hard earned dollars. No, it's not a dream, more like a nightmare that is happening worldwide.

Let's make sure that the biological parents provide financial support for their own child(ren). After all they had their fun, now let them have the responsibility.


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