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Georgia Paternity FRAUD victims 

Carnell Smith Sr. & Family

Decatur, GA 30034


March 4, 2002



Rep. Stanley Watson (D-70)

Rep Barbara Mobley (D-69)

The Entire Georgia House of Representatives

The Capitol

Atlanta, Georgia 30303



Dear Honorable Representatives:


On behalf of the many Georgia paternity fraud victims that have testified to the lack of justice, we thank you for passing the HB 369 bill in the 2001 session. I would greatly appreciate your support in passing the Senate version in the 2002 term to help children know their biological father and save families like mine from financial devastation.

We have worked diligently with our bill sponsor Representative Stanley Watson (D-70) , co-sponsor Representative Barbara Mobley, Esquire and the Senate Special Judiciary Committee to provide a Senate version that will provide relief to the victimized men and their families.

Since becoming a Christian in 1991, my friends and co-workers have told me that I have a problem because I believe there is good in everyone and that I could somehow bring that good out of them.

Now after my devastating experience as a paternity fraud victim, I am one of the voices in America promoting legislative reform to help children and stop the enslaving of our sons for cash.

The Georgia data and the national data show that nearly 1 of 3 males tested for paternity were NOT the biological fathers. Even now there are numerous TV shows that prove a percentage of mothers are lying about who impregnated her. We must act to protect our sons from a predatory scam of naming any male in order to get cash.

The recent news of a Billionaire in California got a DNA paternity test done with results of 0% paternity. The story says that his ex-wife still demands $320,000.00 per month in child support.

I don't get it! Why shouldn't the courts make the mother pursue child support from the male that impregnated her instead of the guy that she lied to?

I have contacted his Attorney and asked to meet with him, introduce him to our California Chapter (CA-CAPF) and to help lobby for the newly introduced Paternity Justice Act of 2002 "California bill AB 2240". We are actively working with victims and supporters in other states such as FL, TX, OK and NJ to stop Paternity FRAUD.

It is impossible to review the testimony of the numerous Georgia women and victims including married, divorced and unwed men from all walks of life including US Military men, Clergymen, Truckers, Engineers, Song Writer, a local Attorney and others then conclude that Carnell Smith is the only victim? See the opinion letter sent to AJC by a Georgia Attorney/ paternity fraud victim.

The majority of the people contacting my Citizens Against Paternity Fraud support group and the world renowned website are women. These honest women are mothers, wives, sisters, grandmothers, other relatives and friends of the paternity fraud victims that denounce the actions of any mother that lies about a child's paternity.


I believe, that without a legal DNA paternity test, there is no accurate means to determine that a mother has told the truth about who the father is. Sometimes a mother really does NOT know which guy is the father and somehow manages to pick one as the child's father.

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