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Cuckold Defined

aka Marital paternity fraud

CUCKOLD - A man whose wife or girlfriend is unfaithful; the husband of an adulteress, a paternity fraud victim. A man that has been lied to about the child's paternity (intentional and unintentional).

The word originates from the habit of the female cuckoo bird, which lays her eggs in the nests of other birds to be hatched by them. In the human world, mothers cause their child to be deceive about his or her paternal heritage by similar actions.

Hall v. Huffman,159 Ky. 72, 166 S.W. 770 "To make a cuckold of a man is to seduce and impregnate his wife".

  1. If you knew that moms do NOT have a legal requirement to tell the whole TRUTH about paternity, would you get a DNA test?
  2. If you knew that the judge does not care if the mother LIED to you, and can ORDER you to pay her for having another guy's baby -- would you get a DNA test?
  3. If you believe that children and men deserve the truth, would you get a DNA test?
  4. Which would you choose, JAIL or a legal DNA Paternity Test?  


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