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Paternity Fraud Victims No Paternity Fraud

 Carnell Smith joins the millions of paternity fraud victims discovered in April 2000/ July 2000 after two DNA paternity tests confirmed that "he is not the father".  

*Source: Fathers Say Why They Don't Pay [Not the father = 12 percent] from Sumati Dubey's "A Study of Reasons for Nonpayment of Child Support by Noncustodial Parents," Spring, 1996, Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare. See the Federal Website: 


  We fight to help my family and more than 82,000+ Georgians that are at-risk to be "Tricked and  Trapped by Law".  Do not let this evil to happen to you, your son, brother, father nor any mother's son. This crime is preventable by increased public awareness, DNA paternity testing and removing the profit incentive by legislative reform.

We have found paternity fraud victims in nearly every branch of the US Armed Forces (Gulf War / Vietnam Veterans), State Employees, Professional Athletes, Engineers, Corporate Executives, Truck Drivers, Lawyers, Clergymen, Construction Laborers, Consultants and the "Trying to make a living guy". See the Hall of Victims.  

There is absolutely no reason for any male (Single, Married, Divorced, Soon-to-be-divorced) to admit to paternity without results of a truthful and impartial DNA paternity test in his hand. 

See what we are doing in GA and other states! You can fight back and make sure this evil does not happen to our sons.  

Let's make sure that the biological mother and the biological father are responsible for their own child(ren). 

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