paternity test, DNA test helps people get the truth

In some cases the bio-dad is a co-conspirator and in other cases the mother never told him about the child, never told him that she was married or never told him about her boyfriend that believed she was monogamous.

However the fraud mom cannot be relied upon to be mature and "Do the right thing".

I know of a case where the fraud mom is still in denial after three separate DNA paternity tests (3 different labs) that proved the "Pastor" is NOT the father of twins. How did that happen?

Guess what, it was the kids that asked the Pastor to get a paternity DNA test -- because they wanted to know the TRUTH.

The kids have concluded on their own that mommy cheated on daddy. And even asked "how many boyfriends does mommy have"?

What a tangled web the mother weaves while planning to deceive? Beware of the fraud mom -- more dangerous than a black widow, more cunning than a fox in using the child support system and manipulating others for profit.

Paternity Fraud aka Cuckolding aka Child Support Fraud is the perfect crime. I guess it is the most profitable scheming profession?


Carnell Smith aka Man4Justice