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  • Paternity Fraud Victims that won their "Fight for Freedom" in court (a very small club). See their cases on PaternityFraud.COM Case list

  • Information for fighting Paternity Fraud - FTRC SUCCESSFUL WINNING STRATEGIES from an attorney. Information packet to discuss with your attorney.

  • Columbus, Ohio - PF victim, "The Man" the story reports the PF victim was jailed him 30 days for not paying Child Support after DNA tests revealed that he is not the biological father. He has filed suit against the mother for fraud for $200,000.00. This fraud victim is responsible for the OH paternity bill HB242, that became law in the fall of 2000.

    Since he didn't father her child, does she know that she had intimate contact with more than one male? If DNA testing was mandatory at the hospital, the OH man would have known that he was being scammed before the loss of his rightful property and assets.

  •  The story of Boston, MA PF victim. The story reports that the little girl calls him "fake daddy" and the ex-girlfriend calls him "sucker".

    So now the mother gets to laugh all the way to the bank. When is she responsible for her actions? This type of fraud is condoned and supported by many courts across the land.

  • "UPDATE" - Boston, MA PF victim (updated). Case goes to MA Supreme Court -- he gets robbed again when he heard justice denied from the MA SCT. They said that he waited too long and that they are going to make sure that his money is taken in spite of DNA proves that his ex-girlfriend has lied and swindled him! This is absolute proof that the court views a man as a walking checkbook to be pillaged and plundered against his will.

    What happened to his Civil rights, have they been repealed?

    Is there a law in MA that requires the mother to make truthful & full disclosure of material facts to an alleged father?

  • An Honest / Concerned mother writes CAPF - see her story.

  • "The One that got away", MAINE PF Victim. At a time when so many men remain trapped in the child support money machine. Al-man actually got out of the trap. His DNA report says 0.00% paternity, just like 1Man. This man should give thanks to almighty God for gaining his freedom from the predator. Appears to be another victim of state sponsored paternity fraud. CLICK HERE!

    Crime does NOT pay? Sure, unless your talking about paternity fraud. Most states will treat the innocent man like an ATM machine, keep the money coming for at least 18 to 21 years. And JAIL, if he doesn't pay "as much as she wants".

  • Decatur, Georgia PF victim "feels scammed" For 12 years, story says, a former girlfriend duped him into supporting a little girl who was not his daughter. He has filed suit against the mother for fraud. After two independent DNA tests revealed that he is not the biological father, he wants all of his money back. 

    citizens against paternity fraud

    He was tired of watching his wife and his own biological children suffer from the lack of their hard earned money. The extraordinary motion for new trial based on new evidence and fraud case went to trial on April 16, 2001 in Decatur, GA at the Dekalb Superior Court, 9th floor, Room 903 @ 09:30AM with Judge Edward Wheeler.

    What happened in court? ... JUSTICE DENIED! Now he must appeal to prevent losing more of his family's money. This proves that the innocent man must pay for the guilty actions of the mother when she conceals other intimate relationships then states "you're the father of my baby".

    It is ironic that the second DNA test samples were collected at the same hospital where the child was born. What would have happened if the mother had told the paternity fraud victim that someone else could be the father? And that we should get a paternity test to be sure who is the father? ANSWER: She would NOT have gotten one dime from the Decatur, GA man. Nor would the child & her biological father be strangers, today!

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