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Letter Submitted by:

Paternity Fraud victim's "Fiancee' in Maine"

Published by permission.

The one that got away from the PF mother!

Hi this is my fiancee's story.  When he was 18 he was dating a 16 year old girl..they split for a few weeks.  She became pregnant and told him she was about 8 weeks and it was his. 

They were married shortly after and the child was born in june.  A second child was born the following July.  In 1999 the children confided in him that their mother had been hitting them in the face and head, and he decided to bring her to court to stop that. 

During the court action a guardian ad litem was appointed and she told the GAL that "dad" was not the biological father of "their" first child. 

Through the GAL a DNA paternity test was ordered and confirmed that he was NOT the child's father.  She also named the real biological fathers name and he was a man that she had lived with after their separation while collecting child support and state benefits, including medicaid, afdc, tanf, and food stamps.

It has been a long court fight but he finally did get an order of non-paternity which relieves him of all of the future support and about 2 years of back support.  He is now in a fight with the department of human services about the prior 9-10 years worth of support.

I don't think it's right that women can lie about who the daddy is and get away with it, with no consequences for their actions.  (See DNA Paternity report)

I would like to hear from others like us.... thanks for listening...

Ms. M in Maine

Another wounded man that was emotionally and financially crushed for the sheer pleasure by another fraudulent mother!
but this story has a great ending -- this paternity fraud victim won in court and became the one that got away from the money trap.


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