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"Video Poker Is A Game, Paternity Fraud Isn't"

A Guest Column by:
Tony Zizza

Published: 2002 in Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper

Georgia appears to be in a frenzy these days. Whether it's the lure of the Gold Club trial or the home record of our beloved Braves, it seems we are in a need to know (NTK) mode. We need to know who's doing what to who right now.

And then there's the hysteria over video poker. It's called a real problem.

However, there is another more pressing problem which will be brought before the
special legislative session this month that deserves far far far more attention.

It's a problem called paternity fraud. Common sense dictates that video poker is a game, paternity fraud isn't. Playing video poker is a consumer choice.

Paying child support for children who aren't yours thanks to DNA isn't a noble choice, but flat out slavery.

Georgia needs to realize video poker is a choice some make while sitting down, whereas paternity fraud is a crime levied against a man who did not lay down.

Lying down is something Carnell Smith, a paternity fraud victim and the Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, won't do. No sir. No way. No how.

Armed with a bill that passed the House of Representatives 163-0, Smith and CAPF are insisting the paternity fraud bill (HB369) sponsored by Representative Stan Watson, D-Decatur, come out of the Special Senate Judiciary Committee this summer so Governor Barnes can take action on it.

If Georgians are led to believe video poker is a real threat to the citizenry, then what do you think the average Georgian believes paternity fraud amounts to? A paper cut? A sunburn? An episode of brain freeze from downing a Slush Puppy too fast?

You have to ask yourself why video poker and the alleged doings at the Gold Club garner so much media/political attention, while justice for paternity fraud victims hangs in the balance.

Georgia's paternity fraud victims and their families are in fact correct to want justice done. The numbers are staggering not to mention the sheer immorality of it all.

Last year, a DNA screening company revealed that 30 percent of the men tested for the Georgia Child Support Enforcement Adminstration--were not the daddy.

You can properly assume the establishment of child support payments for men is a greater concern for the state than is, of all things, making DNA testing affordable for men.

Simple justice for all concerned dictates we get the RIGHT answer to the question: "who's your daddy?!"

Come on Georgia. It's time to understand video poker is a game, paternity fraud isn't. The state has busted a move rolling video poker machines out of stores, inveighing against true or untrue doings at the Gold Club.

What will the state do for the real victims of real fraud and real slavery in the name of paternity fraud? No one save a few hearty souls wants to deal with fraud, which has a direct impact on men.

For the most part, Georgia's political, legal and entertainment minds cannot even fathom the possibility men have been duped big time. Men are supposed to be
ATM machines---and shut up already.

Our voice against being wronged is always interpreted as a whine. And while I listen to the talk master Neal Boortz on my way to work, I always want to holler when even he, a voice of reason for Georgians, says: "Men are pigs."

We are not pigs. We will not shut up. We will not go away.

On August 18th, we will be at the state capitol rallying against paternity fraud and fighting for HB369 to be given to Governor Barnes to act on. It's really not too much to ask. Is it?

Video poker is a game, paternity fraud isn't.


Tony Zizza is a member of the Georgia chapter of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud.

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