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 #2  Answer is some States are UNAWARE of the magnitude of the problem. National DNA Paternity tests shows non-paternity 28% in 1999, and 30% in 2000, ?? in 2001. Source: Annual Parentage Study from American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Millions of child support cases are adjudicated without genetic proof of paternity using default judgments, administrative hearings, acknowedgment of paternity and conclusive presumptions of paternity.





  • Some states believe their current system is adequate to maintain their eligibility for Federal matching funds. State must get at least 90% paternity establishment 
  • Some states have a short time limit for males to challenge paternity (1-5 years typical). If any challenge is ever allowed. 
  • The WORST States for Paternity Fraud victims are CA (High default judgments and virtually no paternity challenge is allowed best interests cover up.), and NY requires a physician approval and may require a court order. NY victims have contacted us with proof of adultery the trial court refuses to allow the victim to use the 0.00% DNA test to prove his innocence and Texas. 
  • States has financial incentives to do nothing for the paternity fraud victims. State gets Federal matching funds for the child support program based on Signed Paternity Acknowledgements or administrative /court orders (Predatory practice), Amount from Gross receipts of collected support, amount of child support arrears and other criteria for staying in the Federal money pool. This is done with ZERO incentives to establish actual paternity 


Defensive strategy calls for every single, married, divorced or soon-to-be-divorced males is to get a DNA test immediately for all cases of child support and divorce except formally adopted kids and births from artificial insemination (signed and notarized consent by husband, wife and treating physician) to avoid Paternity Fraud and no-fault divorce.

The laws should require the mother to complete a Paternity Notification Affidavit (PNA) to all potential fathers so that all males would be fully aware he is a paternity candidate vs. the only guy. This vital information would notify the alleged father of a real danger to him emotionally, socially, financially and psychologically. If he chooses to adopt a child that is not his, it should always be his choice.

The DNA test will reveal the truthfulness of the mother's PNA by confirming biological paternity.

How much money are these men paying in child support? No exact figures unless men would be willing to share the terms of their court orders / administrative order. See chart below for Financial cost to paternity fraud victim excluding legal fees and other costs.


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