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1/24/02 -

Let the Sound of Freedom Ring for paternity fraud victims - 



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 US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)
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Georgia Senate moves closer to releasing the enslaved Paternity Fraud victims!  

ATLANTA, January 24th  -- A special note of thanks to Senator Susan Cable (Sub-committee chairperson) and the Senate Special Judiciary Sub-committee members for unanimous passage of HB 369 to the full committee with a technical amendment.  

There was public testimony from Rep. Stanley Watson, Carnell Smith (report), several members of the US Armed Forces, wives, a grandmother and many other victims about first hand injustice. The same message was heard from the people "Accountability from the biological mother and biological father" must be MANDATORY.  

Carnell Smith, Director of the US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud group is truly grateful to all of the victims and supporters and paternity fraud victims for today's participation. Many of the attendees were at our MLK Day rally at the Capitol on Jan 21st.

"I am overjoyed about the progress of House bill HB 369 as Georgia's way to provide equal protection for it's abused citizens. Anything less should be deemed unconstitutional. It is past the time for our legislators to end Paternity Fraud as a protected class of legalized extortion, says Smith."

The bill HB369 now goes to the full committee for discussion and other action. The next  meeting is Tuesday, January 24th in the Capitol Building, Room 125 @ 2:30PM EST. 

 Paternity fraud is a crime, crime does NOT PAY and neither should the victim!

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