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Senate Hearing for Paternity Fraud



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Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (CAPF)

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Paternity Fraud almost killed more than one Georgia tax payer's way of life!

ATLANTA, GA January 31--With the new year upon us and a new legislative session under way, the local fathers rights advocates are wondering if the year 2001 will bring any relief to the paternity fraud victims.

Today, Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (CAPF), will meet with Representative Stanley Watson (D-70), leaders of Fathers Rights Groups and Paternity Fraud Victims at our State Capitol @ 5:00PM in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss legislation to stop paternity fraud in Georgia.

Carnell Smith, Director of the newly formed group Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, alleged paternity fraud victim and creator of PaternityFraud.COM, believes there are many questions that need to be answered. "I am, as others here today are, curious to know why The OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA does not address certain cases of Paternity Fraud nor provide restitution for individual victims."

The Georgia Court of Appeals opinion (May 1997), by Judge G. Alan Blackburn, criticized Georgia Department of Human Resources for continuing to force Paul R. Smith to pay support for a child even though he had come up with strong evidence indicating he is not the child's father.

"The law should not punish a purported father for failing to insist on a paternity test when he has no reason to believe that he is not the father," Blackburn wrote. "A contrary rule would invite suspicion and distrust, and essentially require all purported fathers ... to accuse their spouses or partners of infidelity by demanding proof of paternity."

"While it is the policy of this state to require fathers to support their minor children, it is not the policy to extort such support from persons who are not in fact the fathers," Blackburn wrote in an opinion joined by Presiding Judge Marion T. Pope Jr. and Judge Edward H. Johnson. "Indeed, if the facts are as Smith represents, we can see no legitimate reason why DHR, as an agent of the state and of its citizens, would seek to enforce the legal fiction of his paternity." Paul R. Smith v. Georgia Department of Human Resources, No. A97A0257 (Ct. App. Ga. May 16, 1997). "

Carnell Smith, says "I discovered that 9,000 of the 30,000 men tested for paternity by one DNA lab -- were not the biological fathers". The falsely accused men face a dire situation in Georgia. They can be forced to make child support payments for another man's child under the threat of jail and loss of property. Many of these men have been threatened, "give us your money or we'll take it!"

It would be inhumane and uncivilized to leave an innocent man (falsely accused of rape or murder) in prison, after DNA tests prove that he didn't do it! Same thing for the paternity fraud victim, he didn't do it! He must be set free!

Now is the time to END PATERNITY FRAUD as a legally protected extortion against men. The constitution says the law is supposed to provide equal protection for it's citizens. Georgia must protect the real victim and provide restitution to those who have been victimized.

Join us today, at the Georgia State Capitol's Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, January 31 @ 5:00PM. We need a 100 people, victims, wives of victims, girlfriends of victims, fathers rights groups, men and women. Will you join us?

Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime does NOT PAY and neither should the victim!

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