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We WON our paternity fraud case!

Praise the Lord!

NEWS FLASH -Victory for a very special girl, Carnell Smith, his family and other Georgia paternity fraud victims ...

                            * NEWS FLASH  - UPDATED   
          Carnell Smith went back to court using new GA paternity fraud law
            (HB 369, Act 768) on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 at 10:00am and ...    
          Finally a victory for Carnell Smith, his family and a very special girl. We
          thank God for our Prepaid Legal Services referral attorney (David Cole, PC).
          This is a great day for paternity fraud victims to see that prayer, perseverance
           and hard work can eventually get justice. You can fight to save your family,
           your home and your business.
            FINALLY A VICTORY:
            February 5, 2003 -- We have a signed order -- no more arrears, no jail time,
           no more child support payments and no more child support enforcement . A WIN is a WIN is a WIN! 
          Our  story was covered and aired by Atlanta's Fox5 News and CBS CH46 at
          and inside the courthouse. A special thanks to all paternity fraud victims and supporters
          that attended such as:
          Rev. Vincent Goard (US-CAPF), Rev. Randell Robinson (victim & US-CAPF), Chip
          Spradley(FAPT), Houston Gilland (FAPT), Retired Staff Sgt US Army Dennis Jordan
          (victim & US-CAPF), David Cole. Esq (Prepaid Legal Services Referral Attorney),
          Lafreta Poythress (US-CAPF), Salanda Villafane (US-CAPF) and others.
          We will work to help children get to know their paternal family! After all, children and men deserve to know the truth.
           Thank you for your prayers and please share this news with others.    
Sincerely in JESUS name , 
Carnell Smith Pf.V, Founder
Lisa Smith
US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)/ .. Affiliates of ACFC
 Host of "4Lies & 4Truth" Talk Show
Owner of
Phone: (404) 289-3321

Web site:
"If the Genes don't fit, you must acquit (tm)"
"Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime pays? (tm)"
"Stop Paternity FRAUD (tm)"
Carnell Smith, Pf.V is a married Christian, paternity fraud victor,
DNA poster boy, non-custodial dad and self-avowed advocate
 for legislative reform to help children know their biological father
and restore constitutional rights to fraud victims.
**I am looking for victims and supporters - worldwide!**


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