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30% to 50% of males tested were NOT the biological fathers, how did that happen?

Cuckolding's / Paternity Fraud on the extinction list!  Should it be a CRIME?

1) Call-in to ask about DNA issues, ASK THE EXPERT!
   - Are some males getting duped with false positive DNA reports?
   - Is there a difference in a paternity index of 99% vs 99.9999%?
   - Is there a difference in testing 3, 6 or 15 DNA markers ?
   - Should all potential fathers especially related males be tested?
    The alleged father needs a fair and impartial DNA paternity test.


2)  Does the U .S. /State Constitution require the enactmentof laws    that protect the citizen's civil rights to property & due process?     Paternity Fraud victims have been repeatedly violated by those who refuse to uphold the U.S .Constitution. Would a class action lawsuit help those victims?

"PLEASE WARN OUR U.S. MILITARY MEN about PATERNITY FRAUD, they are primary targets by Father Shoppers!"

We have confirmed officer and non-officer paternity fraud victims in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines (includes married and single men).

Please help us to increase public awareness -- by sending this
message to friends and family.

Carnell Smith - Director & Founder
US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)
Phone: 404-289-3321
Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime pays?"
If the gene's don't fit, you must acquitTM


Paternity Fraud Test
Sometimes, you just want to know the truth. Stop guessing!


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