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Paternity Fraud exposes Best Interest


Best interest, best lie or best cash cow?

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There seems to be a logical basis for the milkman statutes. While I do not support a return to 15th / 16th century common law where the women and children were chattel, we cannot allow the continued deception of our opponents to falsely claim that the English common law supported paternity fraud.

The true Lord Mansfield rule would NEVER cause a man to pay child support to an adulterous wife because the mother, the child and all property belonged to the husband. The duped dad would get custody of the child and he would not surrender any money nor assets to the adulterous wife for having an affair and another man's baby. Hmmm!

There has to be a flaw in any judicial or administrative system that rewards a responsible adult for irresponsible behavior.

If this approach is acceptable to anyone with common sense, there should be no disagreement if women were forced to reward men for doing the same irresponsible thing. Right?

For example, the husband cheats on his wife, impregnates his mistress and the couple divorces. Then his wife has to pay him for the other woman's child upon divorce because he wants child support, alimony and the matital home because the child needs a place to live. 

How many of us would say that the scenario described above is fair and just? And just try telling the ex-wife, it's her fault for not learning about the ex-husband's affair sooner. Too late!

Can you imagine the ex-wife's reaction when a judge tells here that "you should have found out before the child's 2nd through 5th birthday". What??

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