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June 15, 2001 

Paternity Fraud breaks the sound barrier in Oklahoma!

Atlanta, GA -- June 15th, The silence in Oklahoma about child support fraud aka paternity fraud has been broken.

A special note of thanks to Ms. DC in Oklahoma for providing Carnell Smith, Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (CAPF) with contact information 
to the "GrapeVine Show". The conservative radio talk show is aired in Lawton, OK and hosted by Georgia and Steve. 
During his call Smith, wished a Happy Father's Day to the men of Oklahoma and mentioned that it is a sad day for two groups of men.

First, the men who are bio-dads have become "deadbolt dads", they are locked out of their kids lives by custodial mothers and uncaring judges. The second group of 
men and victims of child support fraud aka paternity fraud that have been "tricked" by mothers into supporting another man's kids. These men are "trapped" by the state
child support laws to make them pay after the TRUTH about non-paternity is discovered.

Yes, Father's Day is a sad day for many! Both groups have the obligation to "PAY" with "NO SAY", sounds like a problem that the colonist had. 

Is it time for another war to defend USA citizens and their constitutional freedoms? asks, Smith (a man that is a member of both groups) .

The Oklahoman legislature had an opportunity to fix the problem for Paternity Fraud Victims (PFVs) in the 2001 session using HB 1077. But somehow managed to bury the
"Freedom From Fraud Bill" in an uncaring committee., says Smith. 

Smith invited the Oklahoman callers to learn more about child support fraud aka paternity fraud by visiting PaternityFraud.COM. CLICK here: to visit our site.

A call to action for the Oklahoma victims, is to contact the "GrapeVine Talk Show" to let people know "what happened to you". The show is aired on Saturday mornings from
9:00am-11:00am CST and the call-in number is toll free 1-866-271-4811.

For more information, please contact: 

Carnell Smith - Director & Founder
Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (CAPF) 
Phone: (404) 289-3321 

Email: Director (at)
"If the Gene's don't fit, you must acquit." 
Carnell Smith is a paternity fraud victor, self-acclaimed DNA poster boy, non-custodial dad and self-avowed advocate for legislative reform to restore constitutional rights to victims.


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