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September 3, 2002 | IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE

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"Nudelman GA PATERNITY FRAUD CASE goes to trial"


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Carnell & Lisa Smith - Victims, Exec. Directors & Founders

US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)

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"If the Genes don't fit, you must acquit "

"Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime pays? "

"Stop Paternity FRAUD"


Decatur -- Meet me on Tuesday, September 3rd at 9:30am at the Dekalb Superior Court, 556 N. McDonough Street in downtown Decatur, 8th floor, Judge C.J. Becker for what is believed to be the first "Paternity FRAUD" case using the new Georgia law, says Carnell Smith, Director and Founder of US Citizens Against Paternity FRAUD(US-CAPF).


The new anti-PaternityFraud law created by HB 369 was signed into law on 5-09-02 by Gov. Roy Barnes while televised on Fox 5 News with the bill sponsor House Rep Stanley Watson, co-sponsor House Rep Barbara Mobley, Carnell Smith, Ray Pitts, Richard Nudelman, Darlene Robinson, Atty Randall Kessler, Atty Dawn King and members of the House and Senate.


Sometimes Paternity Fraud has consequences that require medical and other professional help. In today's case, the child (step-son) is reported as having medical problems that are caused by close family relationships. The news that was reported to US-CAPF is that the actual biological father is alleged to be the mother's first cousin instead of her ex-husband. So far, the first cousin refuses to take a DNA paternity test to prove his innocence. I wonder why? What does this mean?, asks Smith.


The victims (Richard & Kelly Nudelman) are founding members of the national organization CAPF based here in metro-Atlanta Georgia. They have worked diligently with Carnell Smith & US-CAPF at the Georgia Capitol, House & Senate meetings, rallies, letters, phone calls and have been featured guests on the "4LIES & 4TRUTH" Talkshow.


The victim's biological son wrote an incredible report for his high school senior literature class about paternity fraud. An interesting perspective from a teenage victim that has been harmed when someone lied about paternity to his biological father and has discovered that his brother is not his father's son. The report is available for download at


Warn all men and boys, especially our US military men to visit to learn how to avoid being "tricked and trapped".


Men and Children deserve to know the TRUTH!  


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