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New HB 369 Law against Paternity Fraud
goes into effect on July 1, 2002 per the bill's
author Rep. Stanley Watson (D-070).

Is your child support, divorce case under Georgia Jurisdiction?

paternity fraud affects children in the father's house, too

Do you have a DNA paternity test with 0.00% paternity? Need DNA test Info

Do you have a DNA paternity test that falsely indicates you? If the testing and sample collections were honestly completed, additional testing will confirm the original test. 

What if a more accurate DNA paternity test shows that you're the child's Uncle, Cousin, Brother and could NOT be the biological father? 

What if your child support agency or private paternity test results are incorrect due to:

1. the other alleged father(s) are your close relatives. Reputable DNA labs will tell you they should simultaneously test all parties for accuracy. The paternity index calculations used are based on unrelated males and other information.
   The DNA testing can determine which male is not the biological father in all cases except where the males are Identical twins.

    In cases where the males are Identical twins, you will need legal help to use other evidence to determine paternity.

Ie. One of the twins was out-of-the country at the time of the child's conception date -- no access to mother.

2.  insufficient testing, testing less than 10 genetic markers using PCR method or a reported paternity index below 99.9%.  (See On-line Education)

3.  intentional alteration or mistaken Paternity report.

Do you know for sure that you are the biological father? Need DNA test Info

Did you know that it does NOT matter to the Courts nor DA's office that the mother lied to you, to the courts and that everyone believed her?

Did you know that the District Attorney's Office and child support enforcement in Georgia will suspend your license, take your assets, put you in jail -- even after you prove that you are not the biological father as sworn by the mother?

In Georgia, you will need < a>and a DNA test -- let us assist you in getting both Nationwide. At minimum -- DO NOT SIGN anything regarding paternity until you have at least one impartial DNA paternity report in your hand.


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