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Is Paternity Fraud, The Perfect Crime? 

by Tony Zizza

family paternity testYou know the absolute destruction of "right and wrong" is complete when the global problem of paternity fraud appears to be just a matter of judicial bias and fodder for escapist television shows like Desperate Housewives.  


So, what is paternity fraud? Paternity fraud occurs when a mother goes, to borrow a phrase from Carnell Smith, Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, "man shopping."  Click here for the rest of the story


"Carnell Smith, an engineer in Decatur, GA., who was getting nowhere in challenging a support decree, started a group called U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud that lobbied for the law Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes signed in May. The slogan on the Web site of Smith's group ( "If the genes don't fit, you must acquit."
Martin Kasindorf, USA TODAY


Father Shopping aka paternity fraud is good for the state ... as a supported means to establish Paternity to achieve and child support collection goals.


30 percent men paternity tested are not the fathers 


Did you know that as many as 30 percent of DNA tested paternity cases annually, the tested man is proven as NOT the father?

Let's PLAY a game with your life, liberty and property: Ask a paternity fraud victim how this game is played in family court!


Once the Family Court has established paternity that man is responsible for paying child support for the next 18-23 years (or more) the truth is not allowed -- even if the man is later proven not to be the biological father. Sometimes girlfriends and wives identify the highest earner from among her partners as the child's father.

DANGER: There is no known penalty for a mother when knowingly or accidentally committing paternity fraud as of December 29, 2009.

Even in cases where the mother and the biological father have later married or live together -- the man originally identified as the legal father was forced to pay child support against his will to the biological parents. Imagine paying the couple for their own child.

When paternity fraud is discovered, some courts tend to cut the wrongly identified father's contact with the children, yet still require incorrect man to pay child support.

FACT: Child support is not a small amount of money based on the payor's income. It can be 50 percent or more of the payor's net income.

There is no amount of money to describe or address the emotional, stressful, financial and legal impact to the man, the child and the man's family.

SOLUTION: Why not prevent the paternity fraud problem with legal DNA testing before placing any man's name on the child's birth certificate as the biological father? Essentially, it would provide the men, teenage boys, paternal family members, courts and child support agencies with the name of the biological father.

Every child deserves the truth. No one should be allowed to lie to the children.


paternity test will confirm one kidThe truth about paternity is often hidden by those who are not concerned about the facts. The judicial (family court) system, your family doctor (OB/GYN), child support enforcement agencies, the local district attorney, the attorney general, some family law attorneys, some  state bar associations and some mothers will fight to forcibly remove assets from any male deceived about paternity. 

If the court is the place where truth is an absolute defense, why is there such fierce opposition to a court ordered legal DNA paternity test at the child support hearing whenever a male is alleged to be the biological father?

Seems rather simple ... unless getting the truth about paternity is really not the focus where the best interest is ca$h.

Best interest is not about the kids ... oh, now we get the point. Do you?



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