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More Paternity Fraud Facts



No, it does not matter (in at least 48 states) to the Judicial System nor Child Support Enforcement System that a DNA paternity test shows "you are not the biological father". But you are a great source of money and therefore the best interest says your cash is more important than the truth.

So, men and teenagers should be concerned about confirming "who is the biological father" with a DNA paternity test!

If you do not verify paternity, you can end up being persecuted for the actions and pleasures of the mother and biological father for 18 to 21 years, if not longer. This does not include the emotional harm done to you nor the child.

The child support system gets federal tax dollars based on quantity of males sigining paternity acknowledgements and how much money is collected for child support.

Does this mean the state is violating your 14th amendment rights? 

Sadly, the biological father is often never known or does not want a relationship with a child born some years before and raised by another man. 

Some men were named as the father by the mother, even though her pregnancy clearly occurred after a separation and she knew they had no intimate contact.  Or the pregnancy occured during the mother's parallel dating.

Worse, we have several men reporting FALSE DNA paternity reports after obtaining a test with a contracted DNA laboratory. 

Some of these men are reporting the SAME DNA LAB, even though they are in different states. Some of these paternity reports have been analyzed by Independent Biogenetic Experts -- confirming the results are 100% fabricated. Some were scientifically impossible for the man to be the biological father.

Some men have defaults judgments against them by the Judicial System / Child Support Enforcement and are not the biological fathers (later confirmed by DNA paternity tests).

In some states like California, the default judgments on paternity cases have been reported as high as 70% statewide. This can mean that anybody picked by the mother that does not show up at the "Establish Paternity" hearing in most states can be declared as the "legal father" by Judicial system or Child Support Administrative hearing. 

So, what if you were out-of-the country, serving military duty, changed jobs, changed home address and were never served? -- some states like California are reported as declaring you to be the Father then will refuse to allow you to present DNA evidence proving non-paternity.

 Some guys discover that this horrible trickery happens after money starts disappearing from their paychecks.


Still thinking that this cannot happen to you? You must be asleep. Wake up or try living the nightmare dealing with the Gestapo, KGB a/k/a State Child Support Enforcement.

  • Many mothers know whether or not she had intimate relations with more than one male within 45 days of conception date, right? 
  • Why not test all of the potential fathers at the same time? It would go a long ways to restore confidence in the Civil Judicial System. If the mother says a guy is the biological father, then it should be TRUE!

A question for those that don't think a paternity fraud victim should be released from child support trap, how many non-biological kids are you willing to financially support under the same conditions that falsely accused men face (pay or jail, loss of licenses and seizure of assets)?

There are plenty of kids to pick from -- thanks to the mothers (of the 30% of men DNA tested), that either made an honest mistake (she did not know that her cycle continued after conception). Or those mothers that practice the fine art of "father shopping" - when mother has intimate relations with more than one male, then somehow picks the male with the best financial situation or family responsibility attitude as the father, while also deliberately concealing the existence of other potential fathers.

The national paternity fraud rate based on men DNA tested for paternity was 28% in 1999 and 30% in 2000. Source Data is the annual Parentage report from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). This trend is going the wrong way, it is increasing!

When will Justice meet the mothers responsible for committing paternity fraud and child support fraud?

Let's require the whole TRUTH in all cases of divorce and child support. 



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