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Wife of PF Victim writes GA Senators

Part 1

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 9:40 AM
Subject: HB 369 - For the Children

Fm: Mrs. 2Dwife, Member of the US Armed Forces

To: The Honorable Senators of Georgia,

Below you will find my original letter supporting HB 369. But I believe that I failed to address the issue that I am sure is a big part of this matter. What about the children? Senators as I read all of your bio's I see that you too have children.  

Your assistants have children, the people you represent from your districts have children, and so on.

Do you teach your children right from wrong?

Do we not all teach them not to lie? What happens when our children do lie and we catch them? They are punished based on the severity of that lie and how it affected certain people. Here in "lies" my point.

Before HB 369 or bills like it, we are encouraging lying. Also we encourage lying to our children. The alleged biological fathers who find out that they have been lied to by their wives or girlfriends don't start the lying.

The mothers of these children do. The mothers lie to their families. The mothers lie to their own children who they swear to love and protect. The mothers lie to the system.

When it is time for the collection of support and benefits for their children, they lie about the father to get his money. In essence they have lied to all of us. They have lied to get public aide and so on.

We ALL pay for that. Until HB 369 is passed these liars are rewarded for their lies.

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