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US Marine wife speaks out against paternity fraud

Posted by permission!

From: MS
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 5:01 PM
Subject: HB 369

Honorable Senators,

 I am writing to convey to all of you the importance of HB 369. This bill will greatly affect my family as well as over 30% of men in Georgia annually. That is a staggering number of victims. I am not related to Carnell Smith, but I do know exactly what he is feeling and the frustration he is dealing with.

The longer this bill is not law the longer the morally depraved will continue to claim victims. Who are these victims? First, the bi ological father and his family, and second, the alleged biological father and his family. The morally depraved do not have to worry that they will one day discover a heinous lie. They do not experience emotional, financial and
 legal devastation. They just go to the bank every month for the check.

Please allow me to give you all a little insight into my family's emotional and financial devastation. As members of the US Armed Forces, we have been taught to take responsibility but also seek responsibility.

That is exactly what my husband did 10 years ago when his girlfriend claimed to be pregnant. Before his departure for The Gulf War, he married her. While he was there she dismantled his credit. Credit that I am still trying to straighten
 out 10 years later.

After his return and while attached to the Drum and Bugle Corps, he returned home early to find that his wife "had company" (moral depravity). This caused their divorce. Eight years later she was once again pregnant, out-of-wedlock (moral depravity), with her IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER'S EX-HUSBAND'S child (moral depravity). She eventually married her ex-Brother-in-Law.

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