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Paternity Fraud Solutions

Part 1

December 4, 2000

To the Honorable Georgia Senator Zell Miller

Suite 300, 100 Colony Square
1175 Peachtree Street, Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30361
Phone: 404-347-2202

Dear Mr. Miller:

I am a victim of paternity fraud, estimated losses to date approaching $70,000.00. In many Georgia divorces and domestic law cases involving child support, there is the possibility of fraud in the determination of who should pay the child support.

The mother is willing to secure child support from the non-paternal man using deceit and perjured testimony, as revenge for her spite and hate. She may use the excuse that she is doing it "for the child(ren)". Fraud is a crime. A crime committed "for the children" is still a crime.


I believe that the following ideas could help eliminate the possibility of paternity fraud, remove the profit incentive and thereby protect the innocent citizens of Georgia, especially the children. The national news and syndicated talk shows indicate that paternity fraud occurs in as many as 20% to 35% of the child support cases filed. There is no good reason for a voluntary paternity acknowledgement without "proof of paternity".


In all divorce cases and domestic law cases involving children and child support, DNA paternity testing should be automatic and required, except for adopted children. If DNA paternity testing reveals non-paternity of the alleged father, the biological father shall be required to pay child support for the respective child(ren).

All mothers will be required to answer two questions under the penalties of perjury, in order to obtain child support from the alleged father, except for adopted children.

  1. Are there any other possible fathers of this child? If so, list all.
  2. Have you informed all of the possible fathers of this child? If so, when? If not, why not?

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