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Honest Woman denounces moms that commit Paternity Fraud

From: AK
To: <mailbag at>
Subject: Comments on your site.
Date: Monday, April 30, 2001 12:34 PM

Hi there.

First of all, let me say that I'm an 18 year old girl/woman/female/whatever.

I've never had a kid with anyone, so I don't have the opportunity to find
some unfortunate victim to suck money from. I do, however, have a cousin
who's stuck in the same situation as the guys your site represents--his
girlfriend had a kid, he admitted paternity and he's been paying ever
since--even though she moved out of his house and married the real father.




It's really unfortunate that so many girls out there are perfectly content to
blame their pregnancies on the guy who they think is most likely to pay. And
for the guys to willingly pay for years before they find out they're not the
real dad, finding out is probably worse than if they'd never have doubted
their paternity at all. Not only does the guy find out his girlfriend was
cheating on him and sleeping with someone else at the same time they were
together, but now he's stuck paying for it for the next howeverlong years.

It's disgusting. Then the state comes along and tells the faux-daddy that he
has to keep paying because "someone's gotta do it."

I just don't understand how our government can be so unfair for so long. Well,
I understand it, and I guess ultimately it can be blamed on ourselves--if we
really wanted it changed, no doubt it would be.

We--especially the young people--are so immersed in a culture that just tells
us screw the law and do what you want and be a hoe and get with a balla and
you'll be on top of things. Maybe it works for celebrities, but for the rest
of us, it's just a recipe for disaster. Too bad too many people buy into it.

Now that I've found your site, I plan on checking up on it regularly for
anything going on that I could be a part of. The more people read up on
abuses like this, the easier it'll be to get our laws changed.

I think you're doing a great job getting the word out, so keep up the good work.

AK -


See the CAPF Director's comment: AK is "A real 18 year old lady".
This is a smart and decent young lady, the world needs more like her!.


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