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Mrs. Kelly Nudelman 

Alpharetta, GA 30004



March 12, 2002



Honorable State Representative

Georgia House of Representatives

Atlanta, GA 30334


Dear Honorable Representative:


Id like to thank you for your support of HB369, the paternity fraud bill, in the last legislative session. The unanimous vote of 163-0 sent a clear message that truth and honesty are whats right and fraud is wrong.


As most of you know, HB369 was approved by the Senate in this session, with minor amendments. It will be coming to you again, in this session, for the final vote. Id like to share my story with you and explain why the passage of this bill is vitally important to my family and thousands of other families just like mine.


M y name is Kelly Nudelman and I am a victim of paternity fraud. My children are victims of paternity fraud. My children and I may not be the usual faces of victims that you have seen or heard about. But none the less, we are victims. We are not unique. We represent a huge population of unspoken victims.


You see, my husband was lied to years ago. That one lie has created layers and layers of more lies. Each layer leaves a path of destruction and robs innocent victims, like us, of their rights. The only winner in this scenario is the one who created the lie. How can that be right?


I can't say that if I wasn't experiencing this terrible injustice, that I could fully appreciate the magnitude of what paternity fraud does. In life, we tend to throw out phrases like, I know how you feel or I feel your pain. The reality is, unless youve gone through this experience, it is very difficult to understand its full scope of pain. That is why you have an awesome task before you. As a representative of the people, I know you constantly strive to understand and feel your constituents pain. This is a far reaching problem, with many victims. You have a wonderful opportunity to truly help right a wrong and feel your constituents pain. I ask you to attack this challenge with diligence.


For those of you who are parents, take a moment to think about the joy you felt when you welcomed your child into this world. The feeling is indescribable. And thats just the beginning. That loves grows many fold through the years.


Now, try to think about how you would feel if you found out that child was not yours. You were tricked. You were used. You had no part in bringing that child into this world. You were a pay check. It makes you sick.


Ive watched my husband feel this pain. Ive watched it tear his heart out. Never again, can my husband look at this child the same way. Never again, will his relationship be the same with this child. And never again, will our family have a normal life.

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