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January 9, 2002

FYI - See the sample letters and contact information to GA Senators

Praise the Lord. The Lord is on our side - whom shall we be afraid of?


Please send me a copy of any letters that you send to the GA Senate - I

will post them on the website. (Preferably email copy of your letter).


If we do nothing, nothing will change!


Carnell Smith - Victim, Director & Founder

US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud

Phone: 404-289-3321, Fax: 877-302-0453


Email: Director (at)

"If the Genes don't fit, you must acquit"(tm)

30% of males tested were NOT the fathers. Who's next?




-----SAMPLE LETTER------------------------------------:

Sent on ________, 2002:

Senator _____________

Georgia State Senate

District: ____________




Dear Senator ___________,


As one of your constituents I urge you to support HB 369

when it comes up for a vote in this 2002 session of the



This is much needed legislation to protect people from

paternity fraud which is becoming an epidemic.


There are many states that have already passed and

enacted progressive legislation in this area and HB 369

will put Georgia on the proper track in this regard.


Again, I urge you to support HB 369 this term.




________Your Name

Registered Voter

District or Region


----- End SAMPLE LETTER------------------------------------:



Email list for the GA State Senate


List of GA State Senator Addresses, phone, fax at the Capitol:



Please contact GA State Senator Charlie Tanksley, write, call or fax him. Click here:


Ask for the passage of HB369 out of his committee (Senate Special Judiciary)

to stop paternity fraud and the enslavement of innocent males in Georgia.


Urge him to keep his word per his letter below. This is a non-partisan bill

that deserves to be voted upon on the Senate Floor.


-------Original Message------------------------------

From: Charles Tanksley []

Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2001 11:33 AM

Subject: RE: Paternity Fraud


I have told every person who has interviewed me that I am going to pass this

bill out of my committee. It came to me at the end of the session and needed

some study and change to avoid unintended consequences. I want a bill that

will incorporate DNA testing to preclude fraud. I have strong reservations

about a bill that leaves the issue open forever, especially where there is

no fraud.


Sen. Perdue, Sen. Cable and Sen. Lamutt are supposed to study the bill over

the summer and make suggestions to perfect the bill. We will be prepared to

move it at the beginning of the session in January.




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