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Letter Submitted by: Paternity Fraud victim "Iowa Dad"
Published by permission.

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I, do hereby grant permission to to publish the following.  Please refer to me as IowaDad.

Here is just a small part of my story. It's actually much worse than it appears.

My live-in girlfriend told me she was a Christian, she loved me, the baby was mine, and she didn't want my money. I trusted her. I excitedly came up with the first and middle names, attended and videotaped the birth, and cut the umbilical cord. Shortly after the child was born, she signed a sworn affidavit that I was the father. I signed it too, as if my trust in her was proof of paternity. Since we were not married, the paternity affidavit was necessary to give the child my last name. I trusted this woman and wanted to do the right thing for my child, so I married her when the child was six months old.

I had worked very hard for over ten years, lived frugally, and saved and invested wisely. After 5-1/2 years of marriage, additional hard work and saving, and providing everything for her, her child from a previous marriage, our child, and another child I believed to be mine, it became obvious that this woman had told me many lies. There had been many instances during the marriage where my trust in her was severely tested, yet I continued to trust her, but it was fading. I even accused her of lying to me about the paternity of two of the three children. I never accused her of lying to me about the paternity of our first child together. It never occurred to me that this was possible. This was the basis of our marriage. This had become the basis of my life.

We often argued, usually about totally bizarre things going on in her mind. She had no trust in me whatsoever, which I did not understand. On numerous occasions, I hugged her calmly and told her I thought she should seek professional help. She began showing signs of building a case to win custody of the children in divorce, such as attempts to incite me to hit her. Instead of hitting her, I came right out and told her it appeared she was building a case for divorce and custody. One day, she said she was going to her parents to pick up one of the children who had been staying there for a week. This was actually the execution of her long-term plan to kidnap the children, cash in on the marriage, and share the wealth with her destitute parents. I found out this is not only legal, but encouraged by family courts.

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