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Georgia's says Children and Men deserve


April 2, 2002


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Tuesday, April 2nd - Justice reigns in Atlanta, Georgia


We just received a call from our bill sponsor Rep. Stanley Watson that HB 369 has passed the House for reconciling vote. The bill now goes to the Honorable Governor Roy Barnes for his signature.

I personally thank the Governor for his reply to my letter in January 2001, that there was nothing he could do about Paternity Fraud until a bill was presented to him for signing, says Carnell Smith, Founder of US Citizens Against Paternity FRAUD.

That day has arrived! Children and men will finally get the whole TRUTH about paternity. Child support fraud is wrong!

I applaud our Governor Barnes' support for a law that ends another form of child support fraud and insures that Children born in Georgia will finally have the unhindered right to know and be supported by their biological father.

Paternity Fraud legislation has been introduced in CA, NJ, FL, VT, OK and Michigan.

Tell the Military men to visit our website!

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