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Letters from L.Brackett

Sent on July 18, 2001:

E-mail address:

Dear Senator Thompson,

Please vote for passage of House Bill 369 that will protect
parents from paternity fraud.

It is most imperative that this bill is passed by the upcoming
 special August legislative session.

Thank you for your support and I will be observing this
bill's enactment progress with special interest.








Sent on December 31, 2001:

Senator Stephen P. 'Steve' Thompson
Georgia State Senate
District: 33

Dear Senator Thompson,

As one of your constituents I urge you to support HB 369
when it comes up for a vote in this 2002 session of the

This is much needed legislation to protect people from
paternity fraud which is becoming epidemic.

There are many states that have already passed and
enacted progressive legislation in this area and HB 369
 will put Georgia on the proper track in this regard.

Again, I urge you to support HB 369 this term.


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