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See my response to: Paternity Trap in Volusia County


July27, 2001  

Christine Preston (Staff Writer)

RE: Volusia County testing child-support payment program

Hello Christine Preston,

I am a former resident of Volusia County, Daytona Beach
and am worried about the potential harm to the males of Volusia county based on your July 25th story.

Since FLA also has a paternity fraud rate > 30% per the number of men DNA tested and were found to be excluded as the biological fathers.

This new Volusia County program has the potential to increase the number of Paternity Fraud victims because
there is no legal requirement for mothers to reveal the existence of other potential fathers. If the male does NOT challenge the paternity by child's 1st birthday, he becomes tricked by the mother and trapped by the law.  

Based on the stories that I have
from several Florida fraud victims, there is virtually no relief from the false paternity after payments have begun. In fact, DOR will force these victims to "pay or go to jail".

There are no safeguards for the male that believes the mother's statement "You're the father", while concealing
the existence of other intimate relationships.

If mother's
were required to make mandatory full disclosure of other potential fathers under penalties of perjury and we mandatory DNA paternity testing similar to Alaska -- the fraud rate would disappear.  

The DNA paternity test costs are reimbursed to the FLA
child support program at 90% reimbursement from federal matching funds. So, why aren't 100% males tested since it should only cost the males 10% of the costs? Most are not told about the available DNA paternity test and FLA charges the biological father more than 10% of the costs.  

The source of males excluded by paternity testing was posted in a recent news article from the Miami Herald about another Paternity Fraud victim. The tests revealed
that the fraud mom, had actually gotten pregnant by another male, but DOR continues to take money from Ricky Thomas who admits "the mom concealed the material facts".

See these Miami Herald stories below:

June 5, 2001
Excerpt [In 1999, about one-third of the 11,000 men that the state of Florida tested turned out not to be the child's biological father, according to Bruns. Although exact figures are not available, Bruns said some had already paid child support for more than a year and so were legally obligated to continue.]

July 1, 2001

It would seem vital to warn all men (nationwide) to not sign any acknowledge of paternity nor anything related to child support until he had proof of paternity from a legally binding DNA test that he is the biological father vs "duped dad".

I have reports from several men that the DNA test conducted by labs that have contracts with the child support agency have been altered to create false paternity. If the men do not get a fair and impartial test, the state will financially rape the guy
that gets tricked into signing paternity papers.

Tell all of the guys STOP, don't sign it and send them to my site
for a real education on paternity fraud. If they don't know the facts -- they're at risk to loose more than $100,000 and an innocent child will miss or be delayed in getting to know his or her paternal family.  Click


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