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Orlando, FL

My paternity Fraud Case is a long one, so if you have a minute please read.
.My case started in 1993, I was sent papers by the states attorneys office saying a case
was . In FL. you have 20 days to respond to the paper{ I did not because I was unemployed.

This hearing officer works for the department of Revenue and .Now on top of the mother
commiting paternity fraud by lying on the . I believe the hearing officer also commited
Paternity Fraud by FORCING me to sign those papers.

What makes government think they can play GOD?

I refused to make payments .Also I allways thought .I did make a couple of payments and .
In 1996 the court sent more paperwork for me to appear in front of the hearing officer again
{ I new that they would and I. As the state funded BOGUS hearing went on that day I begged
the court to listen,and I begged .

The hearing officer told me that I needed 179 days in the department of corrections.

My question is WHY do I have to pay for a .Now of course the court has its money generating
SCAM called a PURGE,with this the hearing officer said I was able to pay $500 in non-refundable
cash so I could get released from jail,WHAT A SCAM THAT WAS. My friends loaned me the cash.
I got out of .Now keep in mind that the mother has been playing the head game .

These mothers have no idea of the emotional roller coaster .Its real tough in my life, I am a person
with real emotions. Now in july of 2000 the bank took all but 20.00 in my bank account, I contacted  the
mother and begged her to come clean on this.

She agreed to a DNA blood test and I paid for it.The test was mother, daughter,and alleged father.The
results were the the probability of 0% that I was the father.This was emotionally .WOW.

It has been 7 or 8 months since then and I have sold almost everything I have eBAY{on-line auction}
to hire a lawer and get some kind of Legal battle going, Yes it has been a battle, the states just to tell
the state lawyers that they will not .I have  money resources { by selling all my possesions} to keep this
thing going.I have 1 more lawyer payment today 03-16-01 of $1,150. I will make that payment.If it wasnt
for a girl I met a couple of years ago I would not be here today telling you this,  by letting me stay at
her house rent free. What a wonderful person she is.

Is there a national financial aid, or a civil rights group that can help me in this next court battle if I need
them.This Paternity Fraud is ! Us paternity fraud people need a real wealthy person to step forward
and lead the nations . I am out of time right now and thanks for listening to my story{ there is more to it}.

Thanks again for listening and if you need more info on my case I would be glad to give state case# etc.

Thanks again,
DTMan{paternity Fraud Victim}.
Tired very Tired


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