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Failures of Welfare Reform - Paternity Fraud (Part Two)  By Terri Lynn Tersak - Price of LibertyThumbnail

  • Failures of Welfare Reform - Paternity Fraud (Part Two)
    By Terri Lynn Tersak, Teri Stoddard and Dave Heleniak

    Viola Trevino alleged she’d given birth to Steve Barreras’ child after they divorced. Proof of her tubal ligation and his vasectomy were not allowed into evidence. When DNA testing was ordered, Trevino had two tests falsified. Barreras’ wages were garnished for child support while he tried to convince the court there was no child. Finally, five years later, Trevino was ordered to bring the child to court. Her lies became apparent after she “borrowed” a 2-year-old girl from someone she met at a mall, took her into the court room and tried to pass her off as Barreras’ 5-year-old child.


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