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Letter Submitted by: "Another Paternity Fraud (PF) victim in metro-Atlanta Georgia"
Published by permission.

Double trouble, when PF mother uses twins to dip for dollars!

My name is RRman and I am a paternity fraud victim.  In September of 2000 I found out through DNA that twin boys who I thought were mine, that I raised with my oldest son from 1990 to 1993 along with my mother's help and who I am still paying child support for.  The twins are now 12.  I raised them with no assistance from my ex-wife not financially or otherwise but once the divorce was final and we had shared custody she continuously wanted more support. 

My current wife and I have been trying unsuccessfully to get our attorney to file a motion for non-paternity.  We just found out about CAPF.  We went to court on 3 different occasion between September 2000 and January 2001. 

Our last court date I was ordered to pay the support that I had stopped paying and the Judge would only hear motions on the paternity after she gets more information on whether or not she could overturn her own ruling.  We have been waiting, waiting and calling our attorney trying to get answers to no avail. 

My attorney finally called on yesterday and told us that we have a court date for July 16, 2001 which is also my birthday. But said for us not to get our hopes up because she still might not hear the motion.  The DNA test was done with only one of the twins because they are identical. 

All we want is another DNA test with my ex-wife, the twins and myself.  My feeling for the boys has not changed however I don't think I should be made to pay support for children that are not mine.  The mother should be made to find their biological father and make him pay support. 

All funds that I had to pay after finding out the DNA test results including child support, attorney fees and lost wages -- I want to be reimbursed. Even after her attorney informed her of the DNA results in September she continued to pursue more child support with the help of her attorney who told her that the law states that if a child was born during the marriage it is a product of that marriage obviously they have not heard of DNA. 

If anyone has any information or advice that would be helpful, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

You have my permission to publish my story. 

Another man wounded (emotionally) and financially devastated for the pleasure of yet, another fraudulent mother!

[Update: RRMan won his case in court, vacated all paternity judgments, corrected birth documents and is celebrating freedom with his 2nd wife.]


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