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DNA equals justice denied ...


When men are routinely released from jail / prison using DNA, why is justice denied for paternity fraud victims? 


Decatur - This news needs to get out far and wide that "a cuckolded man" that was deceived into trusting the mother cannot prevail in the most court rooms. At least not with any consistency!

See the story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper. The report of Justice denied for Carnell Smith, Director of Citizens Against Paternity Fraud joins the official "Hall of Shame" along with TX (man proves adultery and 3 of 4 kids are not his, results in forced to pay $1000/month and no visitation) and MA (man proves 1 kid is not his, but the MA Supreme Court says they're going to make him pay anyway).

Absurd and even ludicrous! I was just convicted for trusting the mother. I can't even find that law in the Georgia OCGA code. Most men can't even get one DNA test, yet I have two independent tests proving 0.00% paternity.", says Smith.

Justice denied equals No justice!

The domestic/family court system is flawed, by requiring that the innocent party be totally responsible for the actions of the guilty party.

"My two DNA tests provide me with an alibi that I was not at the scene of the accused pregnancy", says Smith.

The child's mother is the only party that knows (100% certainty) that she had other intimate relations before saying "you're the father of my baby" to the alleged father.

There is documented evidence that 30.2% of the men tested for paternity using DNA in 2000, were NOT the biological fathers.

The trouble for the Smith family has intensified. How much justice can I afford? asks Smith.

So much for crime does NOT pay!


Does a child's mother have the right to conceal material facts of her other intimate relationships and be rewarded as a direct result? 



Is the US constitution considered in the states where DNA evidence is totally ignored?



When the TRUTH is routinely ignored, what is the underlying message about liberty, truth, honesty, equal protection and involuntary servitude?



My paternity fraud case proves that Georgia needs HB369 to provide relief for the thousands of victimized men. And that every state needs a bill similar to OH HB242 to provide equal protection against financial pillaging of it's citizens. 


Special CODE Section: Suckers/Fraud Victim U-R-1  1. Mothers that commit paternity fraud are not responsible for their actions. 2. Men that have been duped even after proving with DNA tests are told "Justice Denied!".


HELP!"My employer said "NO" to borrowing 401K funds and "NO" hardship withdrawal as long as I remain employed with them. So I'm trapped for the moment!

How much justice can Paternity Fraud victims afford?

The price for FREEDOM is too high in Georgia. I thought slavery ended with the civil war, I guess I was wrong, says Smith.

Does anybody out there know how to create a legal defense fund?, asks Smith.


1. Please write your Georgia Senator, the Governor Roy Barnes, State Attorney General and the local / national media that we need the "Paternity Fraud bill HB369" to protect Paternity Fraud victims and their families from financial ruin. In all states, write your State and US Legislators, Governors, State Attorney General, District Attorney Offices and the President of the United States (USA). ** We need enforcement of the US constitution, now".

2. Please share this news and tell others about It is time for more paternity fraud victims to join in fighting for our constitutional rights. There needs to be enforcement of equal rights for all USA citizens. "Approximately, 30% of annual paternity tests of men confirm the tested man is not the father. Does DNA testing indicate proof of a national epidemic?

3. Contact your local church / faith based community and ask them to pray for a miracle to save the Smith Family from devastation. Nobody deserves to be robbed!, says Smith."

4. Demand that the mother complete a Paternity Notification Affidavit in all cases of child support. 

5. Plead with every payer of child support to get DNA paternity testing using a lab that is is NOT connected with any child support agency. We have unconfirmed reports of DNA reports being altered(FRAUD) to create the false paternity and insufficient testing when the mother had intimate relations with a relative of the alleged father.

Contact us, maybe we can help you obtain a legally binding DNA paternity test. You will finally get peace of mind from knowing the TRUTH.

For more information, please contact: 

Carnell Smith Pf.V - Director and Freedom Fighter

US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)

Email: Director (at) 



"If the Gene's don't fit, you must acquit."

Carnell Smith is a paternity fraud victim, DNA poster boy and avowed advocate for legislative reform to protect males from predators and restore the constitutional rights to victims.


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