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From: CMwoman "recommends that CAPF add her statement to the website"

The best way to avoid paternity fraud is to keep your peepee in your pants.
you should put that at the top of your website.

See CAPF Director's reply below:

From: CAPF Director
To: CMwoman
Subject: prevention is the key -- especially DNA test at the hospital
Date: Thursday, May 03, 2001 12:20 PM


Thank you for writing and expressing your opinion. Your suggestion is indeed
another way to prevent paternity fraud, along with DNA testing at the hospital.

It would guarantee that Dad knew the TRUTH and insure the correct parents get
their own baby.

We agree with you in principle, especially since DNA testing proves that the
accused man did NOT cause the pregnancy that the mother said.

This includes men that were no where near the scene of the crime, oops pregnancy. Yet,
the court assigns child support to the guy that has an alibi that proves he was not there.

Can you in good conscious say that you agree with putting men in jail, taking all
assests and other enforcement actions when the child is not his and the mother
did not
tell him that he was not dad?

Ladies, if you had a son, brother, fiancee', husband ... etc that was about to go to jail for
non-bio kids, what would you do?

I appreciate your willingness to share your views and hope that you will consider
the need for fairness and honesty in all cases of paternity. The children and men
deserve to know the truth.

Carnell Smith (Director of CAPF)


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