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August 1, 2001

Mr. Curt A. Levey
Director of Legal and Public Affairs.

Center for Individual Rights

1233 20th Street, N.W., Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036

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Mr. Curt A. Levey,

  I am a victim of paternity fraud that had his civil rights and constitutional rights trampled to protect the GA child support system.   I have tried to obtain justice from the trial court to be relieved of paternity fraud, "Justice denied".

The GA appellate court refused to hear my petition for appeal filed under current state statutes requiring a review for "lack of subject matter
jurisdiction" -- results petition was denied with no reason given.  

I've appealed (pro-se) to the GA Supreme Court and wonder will I get the right to appeal violation of the 14th amendment?
  There is no legal requirement for full disclosure of material facts in any state, nor many consequences for mom's that deceive men into supporting another man's child.  

I have factual data that nearly 83,000 men in my state are at
risk to be paternity fraud victims like me (two independent DNA tests prove 0.00% paternity). I also have statistical data from the state contracted DNA lab that more than 30% of the men tested in 2000 for paternity were "NOT GUILTY".  

The child support's Deputy Director admitted publicly to the media
that 30% of 45,000 mothers submitted false paternity affidavits with ZERO consequences.  

This is a nationwide epidemic against justice, honesty, fairness and
TRUTH when fraud is allowed to remain unchallenged. It sends the message that paternity fraud is acceptable as a standard of law. Most paternity fraud victims have been financially raped, so that we cannot afford a legal appeal to constitutional violations in the lower courts.

The higher courts refuse to allow appeals -- eventually
the fraud victim gives up, goes broke or both. I have lost more than $105,000 and the trial court has given the fraud mom the means to get another $100,000. The constitution supports my right to protect and provide for my wife and two  biological children. The trial court says pay the fraud mom!

We now have paternity fraud victims in all branches of the US
Armed forces including an Air Force Major that just reported his DNA testing of three children revealed that he is not the biological father. In fact, the results show the children have three different biological fathers as proof of his ex-wife's adultery. The trial court told him to pay child support to the fraud mom!

Is there anyone in your organization able to help us obtain justice
for more than 100,000 men per year that are falsely accused?  

Paternity Fraud is state sponsored, endorsed and enforced.

many more innocent men have to be robbed, pillaged and imprisoned for the "Love of Money"? Children and Men deserve to know the paternal truth, right?

Please contact me ASAP to discuss or visit my website for
more information about the national epidemic.  


Carnell Smith - Director & Founder
Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (USA-CAPF)
Host of "4Lies & 4Truth" Talk Show
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"Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime pays?"


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