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We found out through DNA testing that not just one, but two of the kids he thought were his from one mother, are not his.  The California District Attorney still expects him to pay child support for her two kids that were fathered by other men. 

Why are women getting away with this?  If the laws don't get changed, we are going to be in debt for the rest of our lives with the D.A.'s office, all because of this scandalous mother. 

There is no way of ever catching up on payments to them, because they tack on so much interest.  (Unless of course we win the lottery, but they still do not deserve it!) 

The mother and her kids are Native American Indians, and they get money just for that every month.  We are not putting them down for that, but they will never do without anything.  They have even furnished them with a home of their own. 

Hopefully, we can all ban together in a class-action lawsuit and get out of this mess. We, darnic, give our permission to post our story on www.paternity.fraud website.


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