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American Fathers Coalition

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March 9, 2001

Chairman Tanksley and Distinguished Members

Senate Special Judiciary Committee

Georgia Senate

via Special Delivery

RE: HB 369 – Paternity Fraud

Dear Mr. Chairman and Esteemed Members of this Committee:

It is with great privilege that I forward my commendations to you and this Committee for taking HB 369 under positive consideration. As a regularly invited witness before both Houses of the United States Congress and as a special advisor to the White House Welfare Reform Working Group, there is no greater honor than helping to restore the strength and sanctity of the two-parent, married, intact family. For your efforts in this direction, I commend you.

HR 369 addresses a very troubling development in our society — paternity fraud. Paternity fraud is a reward for inappropriate behavior that undermines the strength and sanctity of the family. It also serves to undesirably bifurcate rights and responsibilities.

The American Fathers Coalition with its 250+ affiliate organizations throughout the country, along with many legislators in every state, applaud your support of this bill. There is a great hunger in this country for morals, values and justice. Passage of this bill will be a bold statement that this Committee recognizes and holds dear those principles.

Moreover, passage of this bill will send a loud and clear message, which will resonate throughout the corners of this great country, that families matter and so does truth, equity and justice. These are the principles which we need to embrace to restore our country to its rightful place as the moral leader of the world. This restoration starts right here in Georgia, with this bill.

I thank you in advance for you time and favorable consideration. I remain,


Stuart A. Miller

Senior Legislative Analyst

American Fathers Coalition


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