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** NEWS FLASH ** Georgia brings JUSTICE into the 21st Century

May 9, 2002

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In Atlanta, Georgia -- Thursday, May 9th, it finally happened says "Carnell Smith, Executive Director of Citizens Against Paternity FRAUD (US-CAPF). As he watched the Honorable Georgia Governor Roy Barnes sign HB 369 into law.

Georgia brings JUSTICE into the 21st Century with the signing of HB 369 and provides a means for children and men to know the paternal TRUTH.

Yes, one person can make a difference by connecting with other like minded people. To our CAPF support teams in CA, NJ, OK, FL, AL, NC, AU, UK, MI and others - take note that you must bring grievances and injustice to your elected officials to bring Justice everywhere.

A special thanks to Gov Roy Barnes, our bill sponsor Rep. Stanley Watson, Co-Sponsor Barbara Mobley, GA House of Representatives, Senator Charlie Tanksley, GA Senate, GA-CAPF team (Rev. Johnnie Corbett, Rev. Vincent Goard & Faith Deliverance Temple Congregation, Rev Randell Robinson & Unity Full Gospel Congregation, Lisa Smith, Tomeika Goard, James Goard, Darlene Robinson, Ray & Shirley Pitts, (Richard, Kelly, Stephen & Nudelmann), James & Amanda Albertelli, Greg & Lisa Shaw, USMC Michael & Magdolna Smith, US Army Retired Dennis Jordan & Family, Walter, Rosalyn & Mary Everhart, Former USAF Eric Shane LaPann), Jayna Gentry (FOX 5 News), CH2 News, CH46 News, CH11 News, CBS Early Show, The Daily Report, Mark Rogers (Economic Indicators), Tony Zizza (Citizens Against Judicial Bias), Dianna Thompson & Mike McCormick (ACFC), ACFC Racing Team, Robert Hirschfield,JD (NCFC, How2), Attorney Dawn King, Attorney James Albertelli, Attorney Randall Kessler, Harry Prillaman (CRC of GA), Chip Spradley, Steve Cloer, Jr. Haeger, Mike Yohe, Rich Stone (FAPT), the GA Child Support Reform Team and everyone that helped in promoting the website, flyers and for helping in any way!.

The day of JUSTICE has arrived! Children and men will finally get the whole TRUTH about paternity in Georgia. Child support fraud is wrong!

I applaud the Governor Barnes' support for a law that ends another form of child support fraud and insures that Children born in Georgia will finally have the unhindered right to know and be supported by their biological father. 

Paternity Fraud legislation has been introduced in CA, NJ, FL, VT, OK and Michigan.

Tell the Military men to visit our website!
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