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Letter from Carnell Smith

April 18, 2002


Hello All,


My personal Paternity Fraud case has reached the United States Supreme Court to address this International epidemic.  The petition contains good information to address this injustice anywhere.

=======Carnell's case ==============================

No. 01-1520 Status: CERTIORARI DENIED

Title: Carnell A. Smith, Petitioner v. Toni W. Odum

Docketed: April 16, 2002  Lower Ct: Superior Court of Georgia, Dekalb County (98-127449)

See the United States Supreme Court's website to verify actual docket number:



Carnell's US Supreme Court petition was completed by using the Research, Appeal and Document services of

A special note of thanks to the owner of, Robert Hirschfeld,JD for the excellent work and delivery of the finished Petition.

A special note of thanks to Morgan Wise (three of four kids from his ex-wife are not his) of Big Springs, TX for providing a copy of his Petition to the US Supreme Court, which is referenced in my petition.

We must increase public awareness of child support fraud aka Paternity FRAUD. Children and Men deserve to know the whole biological TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, so help me God!

The American creed is "Liberty and Justice for all". Here's my stand -- I want Justice for all children and men that have been lied to about paternity.

My case and other fraud cases around the world would not exist, if DNA paternity tests were mandatory at birth because of early detection of robbery, extortion and fraud.

The facts are simple "Paternity Fraud is irresponsible behavior" by the one person who has all of the information. Who is she?

1. Sometimes the mother does NOT know who the biological father is!

2. Sometimes the male is picked because he was married to the mother, boyfriend, financial security and other reasons.

Imagine being forced to pay more than $400,000.00 under color of law -- even after using a LIE DETECTOR "DNA paternity test". Would you tell your son, do not sign nor agree to anything about paternity until you had one or more impartial DNA tests done?

The entire child support system has one goal, maximum transfer of cash.


  • The child support system gets cash based on paternity establishments and collections.
  • The courts want cash. In Georgia, child support is only based on the payor's gross income.
  • The mother wants cash. In Georgia, the mother's salary and actual paternity are often ignored.
  • The mother's attorney wants cash for the mother!
  • NO requirements for proving money is actually spent on the child.


MORAL of the story:

A sworn statement by a mother about a child's paternity that is proven to be 100% false and that material facts have been concealed -- are not considered by many trial courts after establishing paternity.

In Georgia, it was stated in the major newspaper by Child Support Enforcement that 30% of mother's submitted false paternity affidavits. The state contracted DNA lab reports that 30.2% of men tested were not the biological fathers.

A male cannot afford($) to take anybody's word about "whose the father"! No matter how long he had a relationship with the mother, nor how much he trusted her word -- the law is clear.

If he believe the mother's claim about whose the father, regardless of her withholding information that would cause him to doubt her honesty and integrity -- then later discover the deception.

Many courts and opposing counsel say the problem was caused by Man and he should NOT have believed her. This position is truly amazing, when the "duped dad" has the mother's testimony that he did not know of her other relationship(s), that she did not tell him nor when she states "I did not see any reason to tell him".

DNA paternity results from several independent labs at 0% paternity have been proven as 100% accurate. What if law required testing all of the possible paternity candidates at the same time?

WHAT WOULD YOU THINK about mandatory DNA testing at birth?

The voluntary paternity acknowledgment program is a trap with a one way door to the man's cash.

I can't find a good reason for any male to sign any documents relating to a claim that he is the biological father until he has at least one impartial DNA paternity test report in his hand. What do you say?


Carnell Smith - Victim, Exec. Director & Founder
US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF)
Host of "4Lies & 4Truth" Talk Show

"If the Genes don't fit, you must acquit (tm)"

"Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime pays? (tm)"


Carnell Smith is a married Christian, paternity fraud victim, DNA poster boy, non-custodial dad and self-avowed advocate for legislative reform to help children know their biological father and restore constitutional rights to fraud victims.

**I am looking for victims and supporters - worldwide!**



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