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Paternity Fraud Center

The Official on-line center for grass roots advocacy, legislative consulting, Pro Se support and DNA paternity testing resources for men and women affected by paternity fraud.

Welcome to the founding chapter of the International Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (I-CAPF) and U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud (US-CAPF).

We the people, must express our voice and our votes whenever the law is unjust. The purpose of the American Government is to serve the people, not enslave the people for it's own monetary interests.

What about real change that prevents paternity fraud and stops child support fraud?


updated paternity fraud news Paternity Network News (PNN):


How to avoid 12 paternity fraud issues

Could you avoid some hardships, if you knew the 12 reasons to get legal DNA paternity testing? Or you could "roll the dice" like so many men and teenagers by signing a paternity confession (at hospital or child support enforcement office) then discover that you have been hoodwinked.  Read the dirty dozen issues then ...


Attorney Randall Kessler and Carnell Smith PfV discuss the paternity fraud case that was before the US Supreme Court. A decision by the high court could have ended the debate over jailing and forcing men to pay child support for paternity fraud and paternity mistakes.



Here's another paternity fraud case that could have been prevented by a legal DNA paternity test at birth or before the child support order. Frank Hatley is finally freed from a year in prison for being too poor to pay back money that Georgia spent whenthe child's mother used welfare services..

Thankfully all of Mr. Hatley's arrears were erased using the Georgia paternity fraud law. See the rest of Hatley's story at ... 


Forcing a man to pay for other men's children that he is not willing to formally adopt can wreck his life. It is defacto slavery.


It can prevent a man from supporting his own children and family. Or delay his decision to get married or even to have his own children.

In other cases the honest mother is a married woman who admits her husband is not the father of her child, yet she is forced to lie by the courts and the child support enforcement agency to claim her husband is the father. Amazingly, while everyone knows that her is husband is not the father and he does NOT agree to formally adopt the child.


ANSWER: The marital presumption of paternity, even when the parties are separated (legal and non-legal), living across town, across the state and out-of-the-country. 



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